Eligible Outside Bodies 

Use of Club's Sports Facilities by Eligible Outside Bodies


(1) Some of the Club's sports facilities are open up for the use of outside bodies on such dates and at such time as approved by the General Committee of the Club.  Members of the following bodies may apply to use the Club's facilities for leisure, training and competition:

a. Schools registered under the Education Ordinance,

b. Non-governmental Organizations ("NGO") receiving subvention from the Social Welfare Department,

c. Uniformed groups & youth organizations receiving subvention from the Home Affairs Bureau,

d. National Sports Associations ("NSA") recognized by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong China and relevant International Federation; and

(2) The sports facilities that could be open up for the use of outside bodies are: badminton court, billiard table, golf driving range, lawn bowls green, squash court, table-tennis table and tennis court.

(3) The time slots open for the bookings by outside bodies is in Schedule I.

(4) Outside Bodies may, subject to the appoval of the General Committee, use the sports facilities free of charge.

(5) Interested bodies are welcome to contact the Club for applications or enquiries.  Details of our eontacts are:

   Name of contact person    : Mr Kelvin Pang  
   E-mail    : info@ccc1894.com  
   Telephone    : 2577 8331  

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